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In forming and maintaining this web site we hope that everyone who visits will take the time to at least expose themselves in some way to the benefits of Feng Shui. Whether you choose to take a class, have a personal consultation, or have some friends over for an informative get together, it will be worth it. Sometimes life is just hard, overcomplicated, and full of limitations. Feng Shui is about removing obstacles, overcoming personal limitations, and simplifying. When we are studying Feng Shui it can start to become more complicated than life itself. We are here to help. Our services are very reasonably priced. We will continue to offer affordable pricing on classes and consultations in hopes of bringing Feng Shui to as many people as possible. Feng Shui Arizona offers Real Estate, Business and Home Services that enhance peaceful living, prosperity, and household or business Harmonies.

Lisa Montgomery is a certified Consultant in both the United States and Singapore.

Over the last ten years Lisa has developed her Feng Shui practice specializing in Southwestern Feng Shui for desert environments.

Lisa’s working knowledge is extensive as she has had the honor of being able to continually practice all the schools of Feng Shui she is educated in extensively.

Lisa practices BTB, Flying Star, Form School and Compass School Feng Shui. Her education includes Chinese Astrology and I-Ching Divination.

Lisa has been certified by Helen and James Jay in Nevada City and has certifications from Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong. Lisa is a certified, professional speaker and Author of the book "Southwestern Feng Shui", A Practical Guide to Effectively Practicing Feng Shui in a Desert Environment.

Lisa’s practice is devoted entirely to Feng Shui. She maintains a vast working knowledge on the contemporary and historical elements. Lisa is a member and past director of the International Feng Shui Guild, and her Feng Shui Education & Resource Center is acknowledged by the Guild. Lisa is the Director of the semi-annual Feng Shui Festival. Lisa is available for consultations by appointment.
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